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Mindful Living Guide

Oct 15, 2021

This week is an extra special episode.  Before starting this interview, I knew very little about my guest Fiona Doherty, a Psychotherapist for teachers.   She was highly recommended by a friend, as Fiona "has deep interest in Mindfulness and radiates Positivity".   
I was quite nervous about the interview, to be honest.  I felt a little like Tommy Tiernan speaking to a mystery guest on his show.  However,  it turned out to be one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had.  
Fiona was a teacher for many years before transitioning into Psychotherapy.  She has worked in some very challenging roles, yet she still managed to really connect with her students on a deep level and be there for them, at some of the most difficult times.  Our conversation touches on many elements of her life, from deep spiritual experiences when she was younger to the grief of loosing a parent.
I really hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful soul and learn from the wisdom she shares about what Mindfulness has brought to her life.