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Mindful Living Guide

Mar 10, 2023


This week I am chatting to Niamh McDonnell, Life Coach and all round inspirational Personal about how we can set ourselves up to live our best life.

Niamh is a NLP Mindset Coach, helping others to achieve their goals through the power of the Subconscious Mind. Eliminating feelings of inadequacy or feeling stuck. Helping others to live the best version of themselves and helping to move back negative ways of thinking. Championing others to live the life they were born to live.

I have been following Niamh for a while, so it was great to sit down and chat to her.
We cover a great range of topics

  • Taking active responsibility for your life.
  • Learning from lessons from challenges.
  • Embracing our inner child.
  • Journalling tips and the power of Gratitude.
  • Feeding the Soul from the inside.
  • Viktor Frankl.
  • Living in Autopilot.
  • Discipline through consistency.
  • Byron Katie – The Works.
  • Trusting in the Universe.
  • Mindfulness while hiking to Everest Base Camp.
  • Mantra: I am worthy.
  • Love of being in nature on your own.
  • Bringing self-love into your life.
  • Powerful Affirmation: I am willing to let Life Love me today.
  • Letting go of what We Think, People think of us.

…and that all important question:
What does Mindful Living mean to Niamh?