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Mindful Living Guide

Mar 3, 2023

This week on the Mindful Living Guide I will be talking to Paula Byrne, the creator of the Mindful Cycle about the Menstrual Cycle.  
Paula has brought her love of Mindfulness and her education in Menstrual Cycle Coaching to create a program that is making a big difference for many women.  I love here passion for this work as well as the compassion that she brings to it.   As a Dad, I really learned a lot from chatting to Paula and I am very grateful to have her on the show.

We chat about a lot, including:

Paula’s experience with Endometriosis.
Studying with Lisa De Jong.
Adjusting her energy with the Eb and flow of her Cycle.
The crossovers with Mindfulness and what she was learning in Menstrual cycle coaching.
The importance of creating safe places for opening conversations about Menstrual cycles.
The 4 seasons of a cycle by Alexander Pope.
Embracing our differences.
Advice for Parents.
Tips for Self-Compassion.

As well as that all important question.
What does Mindful Living mean to you?