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Mindful Living Guide

Feb 17, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the Mindful Living Guide. I'm your host Stephen Downey and today we have an incredibly special guest, George Wilse, The Sustainable Life Coach.  

When I first came across George on Instagram, I was instantly hooked on their inspirational videos and was grateful when they reached out to connect. As you can tell in the episode, we had an instant connection and I really enjoyed getting to know George on this episode. 
We talk about a lot of things, from George's journey into coaching, to why the “reason why” is so important on anyone's journey to reach their goals.  As well as the importance of letting go of fear and being open to have conversations about our values and goals.  The conversation is summed up beautifully at the end when we discuss how we can create a sustainable life.
Not forgetting that all important question: 
What does Mindful Living mean to you?

I really hope you enjoy this epoisode and follow George for more really inspirational content.