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Mindful Living Guide

Feb 19, 2021

This week I chat to Suné Markowitz-Shulman about the Menopause and how Mindfulness can help in this journey.   
Suné is a Peri-menopause well-being coach. She combines (MBCT-L) mindfulness with nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to help women over 40 be the best versions of themselves through the ups and downs of...

Feb 12, 2021

This week I talk to Rachael Smith, a teacher and coach, about the journey she has been on the last few years.  The events that led to her looking for more from life as well as how see now aims to live her life with Intention And Ease.
Its a heart warming episode about embracing everything life throws at you and not...

Feb 4, 2021

In this weeks episode, I return from an extended break. I have been a bit hard on myself for taking so much time off so I thought it would be good to talk about the practice of Self-compassion.
I talk about Kristen Neff, one of the leaders in Self Compassion and I share a Meditation called the Self-Compassion break...

Dec 4, 2020

This week I am chatting to Clare Bassett, a Yoga and Meditation teacher who is also one of my first Meditation Teachers.  

We have a great chat about creating a practice that works for you.  Accepting when it doesn't work and the power of just noticing what is going on around you.

You can find more about Clare on our...

Nov 27, 2020

In this weeks episode I talk about my own experience with the Law of Attraction earlier this year.  It helped me to manifest a ticket to one of the top conferences in Europe.

At that conference, I was introduced to Stedman Graham, an amazing speaker who read a very special book called The Race by Dee Groberg.  I...